Our Mission

The Gulf Coast Mosquito Magician team is dedicated to restoring your outdoor space without compromising your family’s safety or harming our environment. The mosquito and biting pest problem is rapidly increasing in all corners of the globe—the affects are certainly being felt here in Southwest Florida. Our team is committed to responding to this challenge in a way that is natural, effective and 100% safe for adults, children and pets. We believe that trading a mosquito problem for an environmental one is not an option.


Our team takes pride in making your yard, as well as our community, a better place. We have families too and love the ability to be able to enjoy our backyards—free of biting bugs and toxic pesticides. At Gulf Coast Mosquito Magician, we are committed to continue giving exemplary service in offering mosquito and pest solutions with the results you expect.

The Inventor

Peter Olt is an electrical engineer and successful entrepreneur of over 24 years—with endeavors firstly in New Zealand and now in the United States. As the Founder and CEO of Innovative Design Concepts, a product design, development and manufacturing company, Peter invents new products and prepares them to be brought to the market.


As a Florida resident, Peter quickly learned how unbearable the mosquito problem was. He began the search for an effective solution. Unsuccessful in his search, Peter went on to develop a prototype system—now known as the Sprinkler Magician. 


​The Sprinkler Magician system is fully automatic and highly effective in eliminating mosquitoes. With the help of a team of chemists, he also created the all-natural mosquito concentrate—Mosquito Magician—that eliminates both mature and larvae mosquitoes at their source. Peter is excited to help homeowners take back their yard and live mosquito free!



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