If mosquitoes are attacking your business, let the Sprinkler Magician bite back! Our revolutionary, patented system is more than a barrier or repellent—it’s a killer, putting an end to the mosquitoes that threaten your business environment and harass your customers and employees. Our commercial Sprinkler Magician system is hassle-free and effective all season.




Commercial Sprinkler Magician

Our commercial Sprinkler Magician systems that have been successfully utilized at restaurants, resorts, hotels, condos and equestrian farms. These machines were developed specifically for large properties, allowing for a cost effective way to treat for mosquitoes, fleas, fire ants and several other biting insects without costly manual labor or human inconsistencies. The only maintenance required is filling the reservoir as needed—an easy 3-step process that takes less than 10 minutes


You will never have to worry about applying pesticides with guest or customers nearby, we simply set your sprinkler system to run in the middle of the night, completely unnoticed, so

you and your guests can enjoy the results all day long. Don’t spray, fog or mists your clients—just fill your Sprinkler Magician reservoir.


Unlike our competitors, we have developed our own formula for eliminating pests. Our Mosquito Magician concentrate is all-natural, free from pyrethrums and pyrethrins and is gentle on the environment. Our formula is 100% safe for children and pets, made with six different essential oils and emulsifiers, and allows you to keep your Green Certification by using our non-toxic, plant-based product. 

 Learn more about why it is important to do away with pyrethrums at the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry: click here. 

Public health statement for pyrethrins and pyrethroids: click here.

Government toxicological profile for pyrethrins and pyrethroids: click here.  

About the Commercial Sprinkler Magician 

  • Uses same technology as the residential machines but can treat an unlimited number of zones. 

  • Irrigation system is set to run a "B" schedule for each zone to be treated for mosquitoes and then the Sprinkler Magician is synchronized to inject at the exact same time so that the irrigation zones deliver concentrate to every area.

  • Used in many hotels and resorts throughout the United States and Caribbean, including the Sandals resort. 





Water Proof Rating


Number of  Irrigation Zones

Pump Rate Max. Working PSI


Reservoir Capacity


Power Supply

Cabinet Material

Exterior Coating

Country of Manufacture

Design Life

Included Parts



120 VAC (220-240C by special order)

H 21" x W 19" x D 11.5"

37 Pounds

Nema 4/IP56

Mosquito Magician Concentrate


120 PSI

Software customized; unlimited treatments per week

5 Gallons

Cream (Stainless steel option available)

120 Watt - UL listed

18 Gauge U.S. steel (Stainless steel option available

Industrial powder coat (Stainless steel option available

United States of America

10+ Years

Machine, 20' injection tubing, injection check valve assembly, full installation and operating manual, spare fuse

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