Kirstie Alley Says:

“Hi! I’m Kirstie Alley and I live part of the time in Florida. The mosquitoes are terrible, and so I wanted a solution to get rid of these disgusting critters! 

I came across Mosquito Magician and had them install a system in my house a few months ago. I researched them well because it’s super important to me and my family that we don’t use any products that contain dangerous chemicals or hurt the environment.


Well, they came through my scrutiny and I am truly impressed with their genuine green approach. But what’s most important is that they GOT RID OF MY MOSQUITOES!

I have a lovely yard and now I can actually use it and not get chased indoors by nasty mosquitoes! I would strongly recommend Mosquito Magician for anyone who wants to have a mosquito free yard, and who cares about their health and the environment.”

"I am truly impressed with their genuine green approach."

-Kirstie Alley 

Two-Time Emmy Award Winner & Part-Time Florida Resident

Natural Solutions

It should not be hard to be healthy—we make it easy! Our Mosquito Magician concentrate is made up of materials that occur in nature and are left virtually unchanged for our use. Our unique blend of 6 separate essential oils that each have repellent properties and, together, create a potent product:


  • Cedar

  • Citronella

  • Lemongrass

  • Garlic

  • Geranoil

  • Rosemary


The results are in—Mosquito Magician WORKS! The old-school bug exterminator mentality has been replaced. Our school of thought emphasizes prevention, safety, environmental responsibility, and efficacy. It's easy to see why our clients love Mosquito Magician!

“I have a lot of trees, bushes, and a garden in my backyard. I have to say that this product has worked better than any others that I have tried. It seemed to last for a while even with all the rain we have had. I haven't had to reapply for a few weeks now. Will definitely purchase again.”

Jason Golden | ★★★★★

“THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! Very noticeable & huge reduction in mosquitos bothering us. We were able to enjoy our yard again! After a couple big rain storms, the mosquitos came back with big appetites. Once again, we retreated the yard and the little bloodsuckers were gone again. We are ordering more asap!”

Terry Carmac | ★★★★★

“We have tried our Mosquito Magician right away. We will use it twice a week (for permanent coverage). The liquid dried on our grass instead of being washed off. It has a spicy smell but contains safe organic ingredients... It seems to be working, and the deer, who frequently come to dine, also seem to be staying away at this time! So far seems to be a very good product. Also very reputable people running this company who even checked on how the product was working for us. Two thumbs up!”

Christine Val | ★★★★★

"I have been using this product for 2 summers now and love it. We live on an acre that is attached to a non-tidal lake with lots of trees and bushes around us. Before using this product we had fleas, ticks, and mosquitos galore pestering us all summer. Because we want to be conscious of the wildlife in our area we didn't want to use harsh chemicals and this product has been a great solution. Because we get lots of thunderstorms, I do have to apply it about every 2-3 weeks, but it is still cheaper using this product than having Mosquito Joe come out just as often. And I deal with ALL the pests without harming the ecosystem or my pets."

Sarah Miles | ★★★★★

"Awesome! In less than an hour I saw results. I have 1.5 acres an works perfect! It also last after heavy rain days. I definitely recommend this product!"

Amazon Customer | ★★★★★

"Works great! Smells great!"

Dan P. | ★★★★★

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